ISO 9001:2008

Cert. No.: FM 78329

No matter whether it is from an engineering perspective or from a quality perspective, Kopen always aims to provide our customers with continuous improvement and enhanced innovation. To achieve that, we have our in-house laboratory equipped with various testers and devices to ensure all products comply with various safety requirements. In 2006, in accordance with the RoHS requirement, Kopen has acquired its own state-of-the-art XRF screening device in order to provide better assurance of our product compliance to our customers.

Sample Preparation Room

Laboratory Equipments

XRF - for RoHS
Abrasive Wear Tester

Bar Code Tester
Withstand Test Electric Strength Tester

Digital Torque Meter
Flexing Test 1

Flexing Test 2
Flouroscence Ray Color Comparer

Glow Wire Test
Life Time Test

Motor Operated Pulling Test
Plug Pulling Test 1

Plug Pulling Test 2
Resistance Tester

Salt Water Spray Test
Strain Relief Test 1

Strain Relief Test 2
Temperature and Humidity Test

Video Measuring System
Wattage and Ampere Tester

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