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Woodburning Techniques

Pyrography, also known as Woodburning, is the art of using heated tools to decorate wood or leather. It is taken from a Greek word meaning fire and marking. In modern days, people use pyrographic techniques to decorate objects, personalize a product, or use it to enhance wood carving works.

  1. First, make a pencil sketch on the surface of object, or transfer ready patterns onto the surface.
  2. Basswood is a good choice for woodburning because of its smooth surface.
  3. Other rough surfaces may drag your woodburning pen away from the pattern line. In this case, sand the surface first.
  4. Plug in the woodburning pen and leave it on the stand provided and let it reach its working temperature. Usually around 2 minutes.
  5. You may start by using an "universal" tip.
  6. The blade of the tip is for making fine lines or heavy strokes.
  7. The point of the tip is for making dot patterns and textures.
  8. The side of the tip is for shading.
  9. There are interchangeable tips with different shapes for different purposes available.
  10. Use pliers to change tips.
  11. As you work on your project, you will see carbon build-up on the tip.
  12. Use a fine sand paper to clean the tip while working will keep the tip clean and give you more controllable strokes.
  13. It is recommended that you only change the tips when it is completely cooled. Reason is the tips are made from brass, a very soft material. Note the tips are threaded and if you unscrew the hot tip out from the woodburning pen, the threading may become damaged and you may have difficulty putting the tip back tightly on the woodburning pen.
  14. When you are done, always place the heated woodburning pen on its stand to cool down naturally before storing away.

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